Typical Local Food Delights

food-05Ainmoor Grange Caravan and Camping Park is located in Derbyshire and tasting some of the culinary delights of the area is something that campers won´t want to miss. If you are going out for lunch or dinner during your stay at the park you will be tempted by an immense variety of local foods!


You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese. Being mostly a cattle region, Derbyshire is known for their special cheeses. The basic one resembles Cheddar but with a stronger and ripe flavour. A typical variation is the Sage Derby, with a mild touch of the herb Sage which gives a unique taste.

Buxton Pudding

A popular pudding with the taste of gingerbread is made of flour and milk which are boiled to a thick mixture . The preparation is allowed to cool down before adding the butter, sugar, egg yolks and lemon rind.

Derbyshire Fidget Pie

The main ingredients of this pie are apple, ham, onion and potato, which make an amazingly delicious filling for this shortcrust pastry that makes this delicious pie. The pie can be served both hot or cold and accompanied with steamed vegetables.

Bakewell Tart

The Bakewell Tart is absolutely mouthwatering! This is a pie where cream butter, sugar, egg, breadcrumbs and almond essence are mixed. A layer of raspberry jam is spread over the pastry, then the mixture is spread on top along with sliced almonds. It can be served hot or cold, and many preferably accompanied by cream or custard.

The typical foods above listed are just a few popular Derbyshire typical foods. The local gastronomy has much more to offer and visitors will be able to taste the local culinary delights at any of the numerous bars and restaurants found on the different towns near Ainmoor Grange Caravan and Camping Park.