Leisure, Sports, and Water Fun Near Ainmoor Grange

188732During summer holidays, having some fun at a refreshing water park is something most tourists enjoy. Most water parks provide not only that but also exciting water games and adventurous rides for the whole family.

Campers who are willing to drive a few miles are ensured to find a water park perfect for them!

Let us tell you more about a few of the water parks you easily go to from Ainmoor Grange.

Water Meadows and Fitness Complex, Mansfield

In a warm subtropical scenery you can relax in one of the pools, or feel the excitement of the Mighty Falling Rapids, the Water Cannons, the Twister Ride or the Fast Drop Flume. Kids will love the Pirate Galleon where they can swim, play and have a lot of fun.

Queens Park Sports Center, Chesterfield

Plenty of facilities offer visitors a wide range of activities to choose from. The large pool allows different activities to take place at the same time. The gym area is big and there are plenty of machines to exercise. Queens Park Sports Center also offers the possibility for playing badminton, squash and many more sports activities. When you get hungry you can visit a nice café that provides a wide range of light meals and healthy snacks.

Hathersage Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool

Having the opportunity to swim in the open air in this large heated pool with the breathtaking scenery of Peak District is a unique experience! If you prefer unheated water you will have that during weekends in December. There is a secure playing field near the swimming pool where the children can play and the whole family can gather for picnic.

We have only listed some of the options you have to chose from. If you are willing to travel some more miles further you will find even more water and recreational parks where you and your family are promised a great day.