Ainmoor Grange Park Nearest Places To Eat Out

181It is true that for many people going camping in a tent or a full-equipped caravan involves a total disconnection from city life, outside world and crowded places. In fact, one of their biggest pleasures is having time to prepare their own food and enjoying shared family meals. On the other side, many people seek a balance between distressed moments in the countryside and the comfort or services available. And, of course, some people simply donĀ“t like cooking.

When staying at Ainmoor Grange, visitors have all the possibilities. Following are some of the nearest places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner out.

The Greyhound

Only 0.6 miles away from Ainmoor Grange Park, this is the nice place where to enjoy a good meal out. This restaurant located in Chesterfield Rd. is just a few minutes away and offers a varied menu with good food at very reasonable prices.

Das Beerhoffe

On a hot day, or at the end of an exhausting day of adventures discovering the surroundings, a good quality cold beer can be all that campers may need. This renown local brewery is only 0.7 miles away from the park.

Indian Delights

No, that is not the name of a restaurant. Those wanting to try spicy and exotic Indian specialties can travel around 1.8 miles to Kathmandu Gurkha or Moonlight Tandoori, both Indian restaurants located close to each other at High Street, Derbyshire, S45.

Pleasing All Preferences

When not knowing what to eat, it is worth travelling 3 miles to Alfreton. You will find anything from Pizza, fast food, seafood, Chinese food and sandwiches to local dishes. In Alfreton visitors will surely find something mouthwatering!

Derbyshire county

Derbyshire county is known for its typical dishes which visitors will be able to try and enjoy at any of the bars and restaurants in the area surrounding the camping park.