Does living in a crowded city, having to rush to work and getting trapped in traffic jams, sounds familiar to you? Can you also relate having to run from one meeting to the other, dealing with stressful work meeting and having to deal with a budget and still manage to treat monthly bills? Can you relate to coming back home after a stressful working day to struggle to unplug your kids from their screens or electronic devices to finally enjoy a family dinner which ends up interrupted by an urgent phone call from your boss?

We are a few friends who hardly made it through the year without losing our mental health. Seeking for a stress relieving solution, we started to go to the countryside on our summer holidays. The benefits we experienced both in mental and physical health were so noticeable that we actually became devoted fans of going to the campsite. Being able to breathe uncontaminated air, let our minds forget about the hectic city we let behind, reconnect with nature and, the most important thing, reconnect with our families and enjoy memorable moments with them changed our lives.

Since we discovered Ainmoor Grange Caravan Park not only do we escape there on our summer holidays but also at any possible weekend or whenever needing to thoroughly enjoy the paramount things of life.

We all improved our overall health, our family life and even perform better at work after a few days in such fantastic place. For these reasons, we have become advocates of such holidays or weekend runaways, and the intention of our website is to spread the word about this fantastic option which can be enjoyed individually, as a romantic experience or as an incredible opportunity for quality family time.